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Here you can check a curated space with NFT art. My favorite NFT drops are listed here and available for instant purchase. You can also browse NFTs using the links above to list recently added and the best NFT art for collectors endorsed by my digital art community. Check the NFT drops listings below:

NFT – Triple Elvis by Alic Brock

Triple Elvis NFT by Alic Brock
Triple Elvis NFT by Alic Brock

Alic Brock debuts its first NFT series: Triple Elvis. The artist is exploring images on overlapping elements and after being edited gets a final composition that is also painted on large scale. Triple Elvis NFT consists of 333 unique and rare NFT art where the artist experiment with different colors combinations. Check here!

"I am interested in how a physical painting can live side by side with the digital world. The use of airbrush and photoshop allows me to create paintings that can, at times, appear to be digital work, but are simply paint on canvas. This NFT presentation provides a glimpse into my process of creating a painting, showing the possibilities of making a painting using digital methods. I use pop culture images to give the viewer a frame of reference for understanding where the composition came from and where it has gone.", said the artist Alic Brock.

Each Triple Elvis NFT will also include the link to a printable version of the artwork in a high-definition poster as a free bonus. This NFT collection is available from Simcodrops, the digital art segment of Simchowitz.


Petra Cortright – Room – 3 NFT Drops

Petra Cortright - Room - 3 NFT Drops
Petra Cortright – Room – 3 NFT Drops

Petra Cortright presents her first NFT release called ROOM. The NFT collection consists of layered digital landscapes and brushstrokes to form unique layers. The artist also used scripts that acted on the 50 layers of the artwork resulting in incredible results.

The artist worked on three different NFT drops with different results when it comes to visible layers (15, 30, and 45 respectively). The top 3 art collectors that get most of the ROOM nft artworks will get a unique Room NFT with 50 visible layers. Every purchase will include a link to the PNG file.

Check here Petra Cortright – Room NFT drops

NFT Art – Temple X111 by Case Simmons

NFT - Temple X111 by Case Simmons
NFT – Temple X111 by Case Simmons

The NFT art collection Temple X111 by Case Simmons is composed of images that were constructed and cut to form a landscape. Each work is composed of several layers which include images taken from the internet, b-movie posters, and also online content from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Getty Open Content Program. The result of this intense artwork creation results on “Temple X”.

The artist planned 3 different NFT drops: the first one consist of 88 unique artwork. After 2 days of the first NFT drop, the collector who bought most of the NFTs will get unique work with the collage of the 88 NFTs.

The second NFT drop consists of 20 artworks with a larger sketch selection of the Temple X series.

To close this NFT project, the artist announced an auction of Temple X which is a deep search and use of digital images. Using formal strategies of quotation, repetition, and hybridization, he creates a meticulous visual tapestry that’s provocatively psychological, immersive, and explorative.

Check Temple X111 NFT collection here!

Image Pollocks by Case Simmons

Image Pollocks by Case Simmons (SOLD OUT)
Image Pollocks by Case Simmons (SOLD OUT)

Image Pollocks is the second NFT series of the artist and consists of digital images generated using collages in three stages. Image Pollocks series includes the densest collage in the NFT market with artwork including 114,206 layers.

The NFTs feature 11,111 curated images that the artist collected over 10 years and cut. An automated script was used to create unique splatters for each artwork. The final NFT work took 14 hours to conclude as the script was automatically working on thousands of layers.

  • 88 Unique 3kX3k Image Pollocks
  • 3000 x 3000px PNG
  • Sold out!

Check Image Pollocks NFT here!

“100 Performances” by Marc Horowitz

NFT: "100 Performances" by Marc Horowitz
NFT: “100 Performances” by Marc Horowitz

The “100 Performances” by Marc Horowitz is composed by two NFT drops that bring performance tweets of the artist. These tweets are then manipulated digitally using several media sources resulting in unique sets of NFT art allowing the collector to embrace the creative process of the artist. Each NFT is an invitation to the collector partake in the performance with the artist.

"Combining psyops, social practice, and the textured history of painting, these NFTs are not only a smart way to invest ETH ;) but function as calls-to-action. These 100 performances also operate outside of the NFT space, in that participants may post their enacted results as replies to the original tweets. Important note: don't kill yourself and please refer to the disclaimer. God speed :)", said Marc Horowitz.


Davide Urbini Tattoos Collection
Davide Urbini Tattoos Collection
Doki Doki
Doki Doki
The Spaceship House
The Spaceship House
Isabelarts – very talented NFT artist from Brazil
World of Women
World of Women

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